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Black Klansman, The - 1966

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U.S. film. Excellent quality. The film opens in the small southern town of Turnersville where a young black boy walks into an all white diner, upsetting the patrons of the establishment by being the wrong color.

This small act leads to the local chapter of the KKK to "retaliate" by shooting the boy then throwing Molotov cocktails at a congregation of a black church; hitting and killing an innocent little girl.

The father of the little girl, a light skinned black man, is beside himself and decides to join the Klan so that he can take his revenge. The film looks at the dark side of American racism, showing KKK meetings, burning crosses, violence and despicable people saying and doing despicable things.

Richard Gilden, Rima Kutner, Harry Lovejoy, Max Julien, Jakie Deslonde, James McEachin, Maureen Gaffney, Ginode Augustino, Byrd Holland.

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