Star Wars Episode II : The Republic Divided

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The Republic Divided continues the approach that L8wrtr established in his first edit, Shadow of the Sith. This fanedit radically improves the relationships between the key players of the Prequel, creating believable friendships and more importantly a love story which is no longer creepy and forced. The action sequences are drastically altered to improve pacing and keep the focus on story.

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Cuts and Additions:
This is a general list of cuts, order may be slightly off and many are not listed (over 250 edits in total)

- New Title and Crawl establishing Count Dooku as the leader of a Separatist movement threatening Civil War.
- Cut announcing Coruscant inside the Naboo Cruiser
- Cut ‘We made it’ dialog
- Cut Cordé’s dying words
- Cut 1st half of dialog in Chancellor’s office about their not being enough Jedi and the Dark Side clouding everything.
- Trim dialog throughout the Chancellor’s office
- Trim dialog inside elevator
- Cut most of Jar Jar introducing the Jedi
- Trim dialog throughout meeting with Padme, including creepy lines about being beautiful, antagonism between Anakin and Obi-Wan, and Anakin’s whining afterwards
- Cut Jango giving Zam poisonous bugs
- Trim dialog between Anakin and Obi-Wan while bugs are making their way to Padme
- Trim speeder chase in half, Anakin no longer loses his saber
- Cut most dialog outside of nightclub (resolves saber issue, plus more antagonism between Obi-Wan and Anakin)
- Trimmed nightclub sequence, eliminate Anakin POV shot, gratuitous cameo shots.
- Toned down Anakin’s anger while interrogating Zam
- Removed Obi-Wan’s Ric Olié moment “Toxic dart”
- Removed contradictory Yoda line about Padme having to listen to them.
- Cut the entire sequence from Padme giving authority to Jar Jar and Anakin and Padme’s conversation as she packs.
- Cut the entire conversation in skybus between Padme and Dorme.
- Cut ‘we’ve got R2′ joke
- Cut entire Diner sequence and Library sequence
- Insert portion of deleted landing platform scene
- Trim dialog between Padme and Anakin on refugee transport
- Cut entire Yoda/youngling scene
- Cut entire sequence of Anakin and Padme arriving on Naboo and seeing the new Queen
- Insert deleted scene of dinner at Padme’s (with dialog trims)
- Cut Obi-Wan dialog about their missing planet Kamino
- Re-cut Kenobi’s visit on Kamino to support new sequence of Anakin/Padme scenes on Naboo.
- Trimmed conversation with Prime Minister so as to not have Obi-Wan completely give away that he has no clue what is going on.
- Trimmed confrontation between Jango and Kenobi. No more “I’m just a simple man…”
- Trimmed Obi-Wan’s report to Windu and Yoda, and cut out their discussion after they dismiss Kenobi
- Trim out most of the Jango/Kenobi fist fight.
- Trim the various scenes between Anakin and Padme to remove both the forced nature of the story-line, as well as their resistance. Also cut the giant tick-cows and of course the conversation at the fireplace (though the opening footage is still used with a new purpose
- Cut creepy shot of Anakin having his nightmare.
- Lightly trim conversation on balcony about his nightmare
- Trim chase through Asteroid belt
- Trim conversation between Wato and Anakin
- Trim conversation between Anakin and 3PO, and Anakin and Owen
- Trim conversation between Anakin and Shmi as she dies
- Cut out ridiculous cartoon voices of varios Separatists as Obi-Wan listens in (nearly cut for cut of Attack of the Phantom)
- Trimmed Yoda and Windu’s conversation about Skywalker in pain
- Trim/restructure Dooku’s interrogation of Kenobi (cut out Darth title)
- Massively restructure Anakin’s break-down in the Lars homestead garage
- Cut R2 receiving message from Kenobi
- Trimmed funeral sequence to focus on Anakin and remove over-the-top dialog/delivery
- Cut Padme’s “R2? What are you doing here?”
- Trim conversation in Chancellor’s office to remove ‘If only Senator Amidala were here…”
- Massively restructure Droid Factory sequence. No flying R2. No 3PO. No trapped Anakin
- Reinsert scene of Padme demanding Kenobi be set free.
- Restructure pre-arena conversation between Anakin and Padme
- HEAVILY recut arena battle, too much to list.
- HEAVILY recut Battle of Geonosis, including entire removal of Geonosian War room
- Cut Nute Gunray leaving from the same hangar bay as Dooku
- Trimmed conversation between Kenobi and Dooku
- Trimmed lightsaber battle between Dooku and Anakin
- Trimmed duel between Dooku and Yoda, including the saber duel (HUGE thank you to BobGarcia for providing special effects shot which removes Dooku’s saber as he runs up the gantry)