Witcher - Season 2 - Blu Ray

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The plot for Season 2 begins after the battle of Sodden. Geralt had found Ciri at the end of season 1 and Yennefer after using the spell of fire to win the battle has been missing. Geralt and Tissaia search for Yennefer after the battle but are unsuccessful and assume her to be dead. So, Geralt believes that getting back to Kaer Morhen for the winter will be the best place for keeping Ciri safe. Along with the fellow Witchers and Vesemir, Geralt trains Ciri so she can protect herself in the future, is Geralt is unable to do so.

Yennefer loses her Power of Chaos after the Battle of Sodden. The fire spell that she used in the battle seemed to have caused her to lose her abilities. She tries to get her powers back as she goes back to Aretuza, then escapes to protect herself where the rest of the story continues.

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